Sheffield S10

Sheffield S10

S10 encompasses a large and varied section of Sheffield. Including some of the most popular areas and suburbs for young people; Crookes, Endcliffe and Broomhill, and spanning all the way out to some of the most stunning parts of the Peak District! 

Crookes and Crookesmoor Road are popular areas for students and families alike. Some of Sheffield’s best independent-run cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops line the pavements here for miles. It’s also home to one of the most popular views in Sheffield (plus a brilliant photo op!); Bole Hill. 

Just down the road from Crookes, following the stunning Red Brick architecture and rich education culture of the University of Sheffield, you’ll find Broomhill. 

Some top spots, that we’d recommend visiting in Broomhill include: 

  • The York; a traditional English pub with a great (and well-priced!) drinks selection, on the high street 
  • Bon, a beautiful sun-flooded independent cafe with an excellent seasonal menu and evening events space 
  • Nam Song boasts the best Vietnamese Banh Mi’s around 
  • Nottingham House, you will NEVER see as many delicious pies, including great vegan and vegetarian options, on any menu (and you can hold us to that!) 

Travelling west on Manchester Road, which eventually leads you to Snake’s Pass (the beautifully scenic route that takes only 45 minutes to Manchester), you’ll find more of Sheffield’s ever-popular suburbs, each with their own unique personality and community. 

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, Sheffield is the greenest city in the UK, only pipped by Oslo in the whole of Europe! 

S10 encompasses some of the best outdoor areas Sheffield has to offer; the Botanical Gardens, Stannage Edge, Wyoming Brook, Hope Valley and Redmires Reservoir.