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14th September 2020

Lettings handle a smooth transition of Preston Baker Sheffield properties in time for the new wave of demand

Acquisitions are nothing new to Redbrik, we’ve been expanding our expertise across multiple acquisitions over the last three years, with three acquisitions. The Lettings Market is booming, none more so than at Redbrik with the recent acquisition of Preston Baker Sheffield properties adding even more great homes to our portfolio. 

Handling an acquisition at any time can be difficult, never mind with the global pandemic playing a key role in how we could complete the process. Our Lettings Manager, Jennifer Hitchman, was on hand throughout the process of transitioning the portfolio of tenants, landlords and properties over with expert knowledge and experience in acquisitions. Jennifer said, “Acquisitions can go smoothly, it all comes down to planning and organisation that makes the big difference.”   

Redbrik is synonymous with relationships. Where you’ll find a happy tenant, you’ll find Redbrik not far behind. Preston Baker Sheffield landlords and tenants have benefitted from these values that we at Redbrik are so passionate about. We’ve made all efforts to ensure that the acquisition runs smoothly not just from a our perspective, but to ensure that the transferring parties are kept up-to-date and reassured throughout the process, too. 

With face-to-face meetings (over Zoom, of course) being held between Redbrik’s Lettings Managers and our newly acquired landlords and tenants, the Preston Baker Sheffield acquisition has been as stress-free and simple as it can be. 

Speaking of stress-free, the beauty of the Preston Baker Sheffield acquisition largely stood with Redbrik and Preston Baker already using the same lettings platform, Goodlord, creating a great transfer opportunity. Goodlord simplified the entire lettings process with their nifty platform that has provided Redbrik with efficient ways to communicate with our landlords and tenants both contract wise and payment wise for almost a year. With Jennifer working closely with the team at Goodlord, the portfolio transition was handled with care and confidence. With Goodlord’s helping hand on offer, the all-electronic aspects were ready to move forward, with tenancy agreements, payments, contracts all being readily available.