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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Eeh by gum – Yorkshire’s the place to be

Nah then, thinkin’ of relocating to Yorkshire? Then check out our guide to all things property in ‘God’s Own Country’! Bigger, more affordable houses, major cities, top transport links, miles of green spaces and some of the best schools in the country…it’s not hard to see why more people than ever before are packing their bags and make the switch to the north. As house buyers are priced out of

2020 – the vision of the property market

It is strange to conceive that the Roaring Twenties, a time known for optimism and dramatic social and political change, began 100 years ago. This decade saw new technologies, especially automobiles, moving pictures and radio bringing ‘modernity’ to large parts of the population.  In the home, modernism was taking off, with the setting up of the Bauhaus, and shocking the world with its pared-down austere look. Architects began designing objects

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