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14th August 2019

Now then! Our guide to student accommodation

If you’re new to university or living away from home for the first time, finding the right student accommodation for you can seem like a tough ask.

Taking into consideration your priorities, it makes sense to land yourself a place which truly feels like home, where all stresses and hassles are taken care of. Here’s how to pick your student accommodation in Sheffield.

Bang for your buck

Almost accepted as part of the university experience is that as a student, you’d struggle to find a good deal – but it doesn’t need to be that way. New student accommodation providers offer a range of high-spec room types to suit all budgets and requirements – with everything from a shared house to a studio apartment

It’s also worth checking which costs are included in the rent. Finding yourself accommodation which details all your bills (remember; gas, electric and WiFi) as included in your rent will help you budget better throughout the year so you don’t have to scrimp at the end of each term.

Sharing is caring…or is it?

Whilst living with other people can be one of the best parts of the university experience – we understand it’s not for everyone.

Shared bathrooms can quickly become a land of stolen toothpaste and queuing for your morning shower.

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, why not check out a shared town house? You get the both of best worlds – both the fun of sharing communal spaces – with those who could well become your best friends at university – mixed with the privacy of your own space and an en-suite bathroom.

The icing on the cake

There’s more to student living than a cold, damp lounge and a few nights out nowadays…

Be sure to check out features included in communal areas, which now include rooftop lounges and fitness suites. If you were worried about getting to know your housemates, it’s nothing a few drinks or a group workout won’t fix!

Other perks to look out for include in-house maintenance teams, TVs and tech in the rooms and that all-important WiFi speed!

Location, location, location

Did you know that Sheffield has seven hills?

You’ll probably notice that you’re always seemingly walking up or down hill, and that makes where your student property is located all the more important.

After all, the thought of trekking uphill in torrential rain or sliding down an icy hill is enough to put you off your 9am lecture.

It might even be enough to put you off going to the pub!

If you want to be sure you’re in the within walking distance of everything you need (pubs, shops, parks and lectures theatres) check out Steel City – brand new student accommodation in Sheffield City Centre, with rooms still available for September 2019!

For more info on your options at Steel City, visit redbrik.co.uk/steel-city/, call us on 0114 361 0140 or text us on 07849 365 959.