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25th July 2019

How to: Conduct the perfect viewing 

How to conduct the perfect viewing 

The complete guide to conducting your own property viewings

If you’re thinking of selling your home or you’ve recently put your property on the market, the next step is to start thinking about viewings.

The prospect of showing buyers around your house may seem daunting, but a successful, well planned and professional viewing can make all the difference. Even a small amount of preparation can go a long way to securing a speedy and smooth sale. And there’s no one better placed than you to tell buyers all about your property’s best bits.

To help, we’ve put together these top tips to help you show off your home and ensure viewers are itching to make an offer by the time they leave.

  1. Know your buyers

Before you start, talk to your sales manager about who you are showing round. Our sales and applicant managers take time to qualify and understand the situation of prospective buyers and will be able to provide you with their background and property situation. Are they renting? Do they have somewhere to sell? Are they relocating? Do they have school-aged children? This will help you to tailor each viewing to the individual and pick out the property and area highlights which are most relevant to each possible buyer.

  1. Take the lead

Be confident and lead your viewers around the property in the order you feel shows it at its best, but make sure you also allow them space. This approach will help your buyers feel comfortable during the viewing. Stay nearby and allow them space to explore and discuss thoughts in private. Try not to rush the viewing and provide opportunities for the buyers to absorb the rooms and information being provided.

  1. Less is more

Avoid the hard sell. Don’t go overboard trying to push the property – it can put buyers off and come across as desperate. Generally, people like to look around in peace. Be natural and friendly, pick out key features in each room and let people make up their own minds about a property. Try not to talk too much, if they have any questions they’ll ask them.

  1. Start with the best

First impressions count. Research shows buyers make up their minds about a property in the first 14 seconds of a viewing. You know the property’s best features, so take buyers there first and get the viewing off to a positive start. It could be an open plan kitchen and dining space, luxurious living room or spacious playroom. By showing your potential buyers the best room first, you will hopefully trigger an optimistic mind-set. 

  1. Show bedrooms in reverse order

Start with the smallest bedroom first and work your way up the master suite. Viewers tend to measure rooms with their eyes. Showing the rooms in this order will make the smallest bedroom feel bigger than it is and the master bedroom will still appear as a big space in comparison to the previous rooms you have viewed.

  1. Be honest

Honesty is always the best policy, but don’t be too liberal with the truth when it comes to selling your home, ultimately it may lead to the loss of a potential sale. Instead be truthful, but offer ways in which they could adapt the house to suit their needs if they purchase the property. So, if the property doesn’t have a garage, explain how they could build one, or where you store tools and bikes.

  1. Finish on a high

Finish the viewing in the best room downstairs where you started. Take this time to check if the buyers have any further questions about the property or local area and offer them the opportunity to look around again on their own at their own pace.

  1. Let them leave

Once the viewing is over, try and avoid asking the buyers for their opinion. Are they going to make an offer? Did they like the garden? What did they think of the size of the bedrooms? It isn’t the right time or place for enquiries about their interest and it will just come across as desperate. Instead, thank them for coming, allow them to leave with a copy of the property brochure and say you look forward to hearing from them.