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7th March 2019

Creating the perfect home office

With over four million Brits working from home at least once a week, it’s more important than ever to have a well organised, efficient home working space. Creating the perfect home office takes careful consideration. When it comes to office design you need ample work surfaces, lots of natural light and organised storage systems to promote a thriving working environment. Whether you have a dedicated office space or work from a corner of your living room, we’ve put together some of the latest ideas to inspire you.

Light it up

Good lighting is essential in an office space to prevent eye strain and stop you feeling tired. If you are doing creative work requiring choosing colours for example, then lots of natural light is essential so consider carefully where you place your desk. Consider a desk lamp with a shade you can direct onto a piece of work or away from your screen to prevent glare. Avoid placing lights directly overhead, instead you should look for ways to diffuse light and bounce it around the room. LED lighting is much kinder on the eyes than fluorescent lighting and much more energy efficient too.

A splash of colour

A home office is a great place to experiment with colour and pattern. Its often not a shared space so you can really stamp your style on it. It should spark your energy and creativity so if you like yellow stripes or bright floral prints then go for it! Colour has a profound effect on mood so consider which colour could help you in your work. A strong blue promotes clear thought whilst a soft green helps calm the mind. Bright yellow and orange help to spark energy however they can also foster restlessness. Keep the space light and airy but consider adding colour with accessories, inspiring art prints or funky wallpaper.

Desk Decisions

For home workers your desk is the most important part of your work space. Practicality and functionality is key. You may love vintage, freestanding desks but they can pose a problem if you are using lots of tech with cables as there will be no cable management options. If your workspace also doubles as a bedroom or living room, it is important to be able to tidy away at the end of the day. If you use a small laptop then a pull down bureau style desk works well or for awkward spaces consider commissioning a bespoke solution. Stand-up desks have recently become popular and studies have shown health benefits for workers who stand up for some of their day. Several companies have launched height adjustable desks so you can alternate between sitting and standing.

Sitting pretty

Your health and safety whilst at work is critical so an ergonomically designed desk chair is essential. Choose comfort over aesthetics and invest as much budget as you can spare in a good chair – your spine will thank you later! To avoid developing back problems your chair needs to provide good lumbar support, be height adjustable and have armrests. Consider foot rests, ergonomic mouse instruments shaped to fit your hand and soft keyboard pads that allow rest and relaxation for the wrist. All enhance the work experience and make your time at work less stressful to your body.