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19th July 2017

How to make a rental property feel like home

While searching for your dream home or waiting to get on the property ladder, many people often find themselves in the role of tenant in rented accommodation. While your temporary abode might have the most gorgeous view or be in a fantastic location, the fact of the matter is, it can often be hard to make a rented house feel like home.

However, there are ways you can personalise your property and add your own touch. Depending on the agreement you have with your landlord, you may be able to go further than our suggestions, but these tips should suit most tenancy agreements.

Our Jen Beal has put together her top tips on how to make your rented property feel more like home.

Storage is key

Most rented accommodation generally has insufficient storage for all your possessions, and while realistically you know you should probably declutter, the chances are that’s not going to happen. A lot of landlords discourage drilling into the walls meaning shelving units are prohibited. Instead, try free standing book cases or storage cubes. These come in a variety of sizes and suit a variety of budgets making them an affordable way to store your belongings. Choose decorative pieces which can be displayed and become and so become an accessory at the same time.

Bring the outdoors indoors

Plants such as herbs and succulents are a straightforward way to liven up dull corners. They freshen the air and add a certain sense of tranquillity. Store these in different coloured pots to add a pop of colour without having to redecorate the walls.

Update soft furnishings

The chances are you probably won’t be able to repaint the walls or pull up any carpet which may be laid. Instead, select soft furnishings such as a rug and curtains which work with the colour scheme but also incorporates a touch of ‘you’ as well. Throws are the perfect way to create a warm and cosy atmosphere, while cushions help to add different tones and textures.

Good lighting is everything

You may not be able to change the light fittings, but adding a standing floor lamp or fairy lights can help to brighten dull rooms without breaking the bank. Adding a free-standing mirror can also do wonders for a room – not only does it make it feel lighter, but choosing one with an ornate frame adds another element to your décor.

Photographs and artwork

Framed photographs are an instant way to help make yourself feel at home – an easy, inexpensive form of customising your home which can be constantly changed to keep rooms updated. Artwork is also an excellent way of brightening rooms and adding interesting elements with very little effort. By propping pieces against window sills or the mantle piece you can add a dimensional interest to the room while avoiding damage to the walls!