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26th January 2017

Top 5…tips for winter-proofing your home

The North wind does blow and we’ve already seen snow, so how will we keep our homes warm this winter?

Our very own, Gemma Hynes has shared a few tips and tricks to save money and keep warm this winter.

Close the curtains

In your home, around 10% of heat is lost through the windows. Invest in some thick or thermal lined curtains to hang over your windows and front door. The curtains should be longer than the frame of the window to stop heat escaping.

Leave the curtains open during the day to let in the warmth from the sunshine and shut them at dusk to keep the heat in for the evening.


If your house has single glazing, consider updating your windows to double glazing. This will add value to your home when you come to sell it and may even be a crucial requirement for some potential buyers.

However, if your house is in a conservation area or is a listed building, you may face restrictions to safeguard the character of the building. Secondary glazing might be an option as this uses a second pane behind the original window, to keep heat in but protect the heritage of the building. Check online for restrictions and guidelines when maintaining your home and be sure to get Listed Building Consent before making any alterations if you are in a listed building.

Make draughts a thing of the past

Is there much worse than a cold breeze whistling through your home?

There is little worse thn a cold breeze creeping through your home so make sure you take action by getting some draught excluders which work by stopping gaps where breezes can get in. Draught excluders for your living room and bedroom doors will keep your rooms warmer. Buy some to match the look of your room or craft one out of some scrap fabric and rice for a homemade twist.

A letterbox ‘brush’ will also stop breezes entering your home through the front door.

Change your view

While it’s tempting to move your armchair as close to the radiator as possible, this will make your room colder in general as the heat leaving the radiator is absorbed by the furniture.

Try to leave the front of your radiator clear and move your furniture so it doesn’t cover it, perhaps get a few warm blankets for an extra layer.

Get to know your heating

Public Health England suggest heating homes to at least 18°C through the winter to reduce the effect of the cold on your health.

Set timers for your heating, such as setting it to turn on half an hour before you get up and get home from work and to switch off half an hour before you no longer need it.

Also, avoid turning up the thermostat to heat the house quicker, as it will take just as long for you to feel warm and result in the house being too hot later.

Bonus tip – turn to the professionals

Finally, to make sure your heating is as efficient as possible, get your heater serviced professionally at least every 2 years and if your boiler is more than 12 years old, think about getting it replaced. It will keep you warmer and save you money.

To look for a Gas Safe registered engineer, go to https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/