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20th May 2013

Blog: Golf

Julie and I were chatting the other day and we discovered that since we started our own business we get asked a lot of similar questions. One of the most common is, “How many hours a day do you actually work?” The askers tend to fall into two camps – those who think we make a few phone calls and then spend the rest of the day lolling about on the golf course (or shopping in Julie’s case) and those who assume we are working 24/7.

The answer is nearer to the 24/7 end of things, however as anyone who has run their own business will know, it is not work in the true sense of the word if you love what you do. I also think that in these days of mobile technology it is possible to work smarter, not necessarily harder.

Neither of us regret starting our own business for a second and it has been great for honing our skills across the board, as we’ve had to do a bit of everything. In my previous role in a large estate agency I had the luxury of valuing homes and then most of the negotiation and a large part of the administration was done by others. Now we have no choice but to look after the sale from start to finish, which in actual fact is great as we can influence the whole process and ensure that our customers are getting a consistently great service.

One of the reasons our customers like REDBRIK is that both partners are available at ‘any’ time to chat to and we know that many of our customers prefer to talk to us out of their own work time. There are a few drawbacks to this though, mainly in that I find myself on the phone to clients at the oddest of moments. I have negotiated sales whilst clearing the snow from my driveway so I could actually get to work and whilst changing my 15-week-old baby’s nappy. However, Julie takes the biscuit on this one as she recently negotiated a sale whilst on the cross trainer at the gym – literally going the extra mile for our clients!

I haven’t as yet found myself negotiating a sale on the golf course (chance would be a fine thing), however when I do, perhaps then I’ll know I’ve achieved the perfect balance between work and play!