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22nd February 2013

Blog: New Arrival

As some of our Facebook followers will know our Redbrik baby arrived a week early on February 4th, a boy who we have called Rafferty. My wife Laura had a home birth (planned I must add!), which was an amazing experience that we would recommend to anyone. We had a birth pool, which was basically a giant inflatable paddling pool, and Rafferty was born into the water after an exhausting, but drug free labour.
Our house is fairly new and I don’t think any babies have been born there before which got me thinking about how potential buyers would feel about knowing that a baby entered the world in their dining room! Laura informs me that before the advent of the NHS most babies were born at home, she knows this not because she’s any sort of healthcare expert but from watching ‘Call the Midwife’, which never seems to be off our SKY+. I suppose most of the older houses we sell probably have witnessed major life events and I think the rich history of our homes is interesting to potential buyers.  Our experience of giving birth to our first child at home will certainly make our house more difficult to leave when the time comes.
So whilst Rafferty is two weeks old, Redbrik is seven weeks old this week and both continue to grow at a phenomenal rate. We’ve had some good press coverage which has generated enquiries, including a lovely feature courtesy of our friends at Reflections Magazine. There have also been lots word of mouth recommendations, which in our book is the best form of marketing.  Don’t forget we offer £50 of ‘Love to Shop’ vouchers for every recommendation which turns into a sale!