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5th June 2020

Sheffield and Chesterfield have ‘what it takes’ for a thriving post-Covid lifestyle

As the UK begins its recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s becoming clearer than ever that our priorities have changed, with regard to home and lifestyle.

Those who were previously chained to over-crowded, confined and claustrophobic living conditions in large cities are fast looking to relocate, and the prospect of free, fresh & open space – alongside a more active lifestyle – has become our new dream.

That change in desire is already becoming apparent among those looking to relocate – with
Yorkshire now among the destinations of choice for high numbers of people aged 35-54.

And, as tolerance of the cramped, cooped-up feel of super-cities like London begins to wear thin,
we’re extremely excited that Sheffield and Chesterfield are already perfectly designed to support the best post-Covid lifestyle.

With approximately 4.5 million trees, 80 public parks and more than 650 other green, open spaces,
Sheffield has long since been an attractive place to live and work – and, as we pursue a greener, cleaner future, that attraction will be stronger than ever.

Sheffield has been known for years as ‘The Outdoor City’, with a real abundance of free, clear, open spaces. That, together with an increased UK-wide emphasis on active travel – including a £2 billion investment pledge by the Government – will reaffirm Sheffield and Chesterfield’s position among those cities and towns which offer a more open-plan lifestyle.

That lifestyle will become all the more important as we plan our next move. Of the 323 properties on the market with Redbrik at the time of writing, all are within easy reach of green spaces which have suddenly become the focal point of our social lives.

Lockdown has also, without question, made more people spend more time in their own homes and truly understand what they actually need out of a property, including getting as much space as possible for your money – space that can be used and reconfigured for a larger number of purposes and activities.

Sheffield was among the cities mentioned in The Guardian recently as having everything a post- Covid house mover may need: good housing stock, a legacy of past investment in public amenities like parks and libraries, and access to beautiful countryside.

And aside from being undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and greenest cities in the UK, Sheffield certainly has an abundance and variety of affordable, flexible, versatile housing stock, along with its neighbours in Chesterfield.

It’s also extremely well connected. Concerns around Covid-19 will take time to subside, but when they do, Sheffield and Chesterfield will remain just a short two-hour train journey from London – attractive for those who want to work, but no longer live, in the capital.

Demand for housing in the city showed an increase of 20 per cent in Sheffield over the first four weeks of 2020. And, despite the property market having been through one of its most challenging periods ever, the initial post-lockdown signs of recovery are hugely promising.