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13th February 2017

Top 5… things to put on your moving to-do list

You’ve got a gorgeous new house to dream of and you’ve already started packing your possessions, but have you remembered everything? There is so much to consider in the run up to moving house that it is easy to let something slip your mind.

At Redbrik we want to make the move into your new home as smooth as possible, so our valuer, Gemma Hynes, has compiled a list of some easily forgotten but crucial things to do when you move house:

Updating your postal address

Move day approaches and you’re already planning your housewarming party – but have you remembered to update your address? A crucial part of moving is updating everyone on your new address, be that your bank, driving licence or even your Great Aunt. Make a checklist of everything you need to update and work through it to ensure your important documents aren’t sent to the wrong address.

You can also use the postal redirection service at the Post Office or on the Royal Mail website. This will cost around £31.99 but could save you a lot of hassle – you don’t want to miss any important post.

Meter Readings

With so much to remember when moving house it can be easy to forget about utilities. Before your move date, inform your gas, electric and water suppliers so you can get information on how to transfer your tariff or even if you will be charged for cancelling any contracts.

On the day of the move, you should take meter readings from your old and new properties – this means you can provide your supplier with accurate readings and you won’t be overcharged in your utilities bills.

Arrange Broadband

Imagine, you successfully move into your new house, you sit down with a cup of tea and all you want to do is pop your feet up and check social media. But you have no internet.

To avoid this nightmare let your internet provider know when you’re planning to move as soon as possible, aiming for at least six weeks before the big day. Ring them up to check if you can move your internet and equipment with you. In some cases, you may be able to install the internet yourself but sometimes a new line may be needed and arranging this in advance will save you time and energy once you’ve moved.

Last minute walk-through

Rather than rushing out of the door, plan your day and try to take it calmly. Allow time for one last walk-through of your current property to ensure you haven’t left anything behind. Check cupboards, wardrobes, behind the sofa and under the bed, to avoid leaving behind any favourite items of clothing or toys.

Familiarise yourself with the fuse box

One of the first things you should do in your new house is get yourself familiar with the layout and make sure to locate the fuse box. It would be a disaster to have a fuse trip your lighting, be thrown into darkness and then stumble around with a torch to find the fuse box. Work out where it is and how to use it before you need to.