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13th June 2013

Blog: ‘Rocket’

Lately we’ve had some beautiful old houses come on to the market with us, which has given us the opportunity to delve into the history of some of Chesterfield’s finest houses.

If you have looked at the particulars for The Cottage (if not then please do, it’s worth it!) you’ll see that the house was lived in by George Stephenson’s chief engineer William Waller. Stephenson developed the first railway independent of animal power by using tracks and steam powered locomotives. Stephenson later became chief engineer for a number of prominent railway companies, but is perhaps best known for designing The Rocket, the fastest locomotive engine of the time.

Stephenson settled at Tapton House in Chesterfield and became involved in local businesses including quarrying, ironworks and farming. He died at Tapton House in 1848 and is buried at Holy Trinity Church on Newbold Road. So inspired were we by Stephenson’s achievements that we almost called our business ‘Rocket’ before finally settling on REDBRIK!

The Cottage, 11/13 Churchside, Hasland

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Another interesting house on our books is Cambridge House on Tennyson Avenue. Built in 1907, this house has some stunning original Art Nouveau features which are typical of the period. The Art Nouveau movement was inspired by nature and natural forms and used these in architecture, fashion and interiors of the time. Opulent curved forms of flowers, plants and birds are common, examples of which can be seen in the dramatic stained glass doorway in the hall at Cambridge House. We love to know more about the history of our properties, so if any local readers know anything further about the houses we are selling, always let us know.

Cambridge House, 6 Tennyson Avenue

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